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Your Fremont

Your Fremont is made using only the best natural materials we can source from New Zealand producers as well as necessary imported components.

Each Fremont is hand-made in Auckland, New Zealand. Each hide is hand-picked by us. Care is taken throughout the production process to ensure the highest quality product arrives in your hands.

Each hide holds unique tonal variations, marks or veins that are natural features. To extend the life quality of your Fremont, we recommend limiting contact with water, grease, perfumes and cosmetics, and extended exposure to U.V light. For surface dust and marks, clean leather with a damp cloth.

Because each Fremont is different, it will evolve over time with use and become as unique as you are.


Fremont Hide's signature leather, Deer Napa, sourced from the South Island of New Zealand is a luxurious and versatile leather both strong and thick yet soft and supple, world renound in the fassion industry for quality. To ensure your Deer Napa Leather wears/ages beautifully over time we recommend avoiding extensive contact with water and grease and avoiding overexposure to heat and direct U.V light. If marking occurs, simply massage the leather against your skin and let your natural oils reduce any permanent marks or scars. For optimal longevity we recommend applying a leather conditioner every two months.


Suede is a lot softer and luxurious compared to Napa. As the material is very sensitive to environmental factors we recommend taking extra care of your Fremont Hide suede leather product and if marking occurs we suggest patting the area dry with a clean cloth or suede eraser. If your suede gets wet or oily you can apply a thin layer of talcum powder, leave it to dry overnight before gently brushing with a suede brush (or piece of dry towel) to remove any excess moisture. Regularly using a suede brush will help keep the fabrics natural nap and will also remove any excess surface dirt that may be left on the suede.

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