Our People – Fremont Hide Limited

Our People

Rick & Elena

Co-founders of Fremont Hide

Our Inspiration

NZ Inspired Fremont Hide

New Zealand's favourable climate and knowledgeable farming practices have resulted in the production of some of the highest quality leather in the world. Hides and deer leather are exported to manufacturers of high quality leather goods reducing the demand for value-add in New Zealand.

Elena with a background in Clothing and Textile Sciences, Design and Advertising and Rick with a background in Business and Marketing believe Fremont captures the beauty of leather's material qualities, supports New Zealand industry while creating a truely unique product that bonds with the owner.

Our Ethos

We believe that everyone in this world is unique, just like each leather hide we hand-select for our products. We are focused on the quality and simplicity of our product, however, celebrate the uniqueness of each individual hat brought out through the variation in texture and colour, found in each hide. 

We are conscious to only use materials sourced from our own country, and pride ourselves on being hand-made right here in New Zealand. 

Fremont Hide hats are the bare essential to one's wardrobe, breathable in summer and warm in winter, perfect for all-year-round use. 

We encourage you to wear it your way.

The Ethos of Fremont Hide